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Beverly: An American Story
On view through May 2025
Historic Beverly
Beverly, Massachusetts

“The American Story” is a broad term that can refer to many things, including the history of the United States, the values and ideals that define the country, and the stories of its people. The purpose of “Beverly: An American Story” is to serve as a unifying force for Beverly residents by providing a shared narrative and identity through stories from our city’s long history.

Through stories of fighting for freedom, daily life in the new colony, stories of immigration, and industry; the American Story can inspire people to work together to achieve common goals and overcome challenges. The American Story can help people understand their place in the world and their role in shaping the future. We hope that you will come to be inspired and leave with a greater perspective for a bright tomorrow.

[Image: Joseph Witham (British, 1832-1901), Ship North America, 1878. Oil on canvas. 30”x36” in. Gift of Anna Creelman Sevan, 1949 31863.]