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Comfort and Displacement: The Art of Richard Neal
On view through February 26, 2023
New Bedford Art Museum/Art Works!
New Bedford, Massachusetts

“Richard Neal’s paintings and assemblages do not fit into any neat category. The work hovers in that nexus between the representational and the abstract, flirting with both but married to neither. It is tumultuous and yet somehow reserved. It is ‘all-up-in-your-face’ dramatic while it leans in and whispers to the patient viewer. The work that I selected for this exhibition was created over several years and while I did not consciously seek out a common narrative, one made itself manifest. Throughout the work, backcountry shacks, suburban houses, apartment buildings and skyscrapers unrelentingly take center stage. But none of those structures read as happy homes. Not anymore.

-Don Wilkinson, Curator

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[Image: Richard Neal, World of Made, 2013. Oil/pencil/canvas, 66 × 54 in | 167.6 × 137.2 cm]