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Terra Firma
On view through March 19, 2023
New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU)
Los Gatos, California

NUMU is pleased to present “Terra Firma,” a group art exhibition guest curated by Marianne K. McGrath.

In both its strength and fragility, land is a source of pleasure, beauty and bounty, inspiring artists from every era. We have built our lives on the land; it is our physical foundation, essential for the survival of all human life, wildlife, and Earth’s vegetation – it is literally the ground beneath our feet and the dust to which we return.

In “Terra Firma” artists explore our relationship with the land and present unique interpretations of meaning and connection through diverse media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, video, and sound. Works in the exhibition relate to the physical and poetic features of land, while individually introducing relevant sub-themes such as stewardship, social justice, place, identity, and migration.

Visit here to find out more about the artists and their work:

[Image: Sijai Chen, Twin Peaks, 2021. Immigration forms, magazines, photographs, restaurant menus, paint on canvas, 40×80 inches]