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Identical Days
On view January 26 through May 2023
Bermuda National Gallery
Hamilton, Bermuda

“I’m interested in the fundamentals of painting — the process of it all, the countless ways in which paint as a material can be used, all the ways that a mark can be made.” says Abi Box. In this exhibition, the British artist, who has been based in Bermuda for 5 years, explores the possibilities of monotype printing, in which a unique print is pulled by hand from paint applied directly onto a Plexiglass plate.

Box likens the effect of painting on Plexiglass to painting on canvas. “It is a flexible, forgiving way of creating a picture. No mark is fixed, and the paint can be pushed and moved around,” she says. “It allows me to indulge in the grittiness and unpredictability of paint.” Box works in watercolour, which pools and fragments on the surface, creating a sense of abstraction in the printed image. Painting, for her, is a means of exploration. “It is important to me when painting not to copy from observation, but to react.”

[Image: Abi Box from the exhibition “Identical Days.”]