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Kate Breakey: Journey
On view through February 19, 2022
The Grace Museum
Abilene, Texas

“When I look at the moon, I am very small, and when I hold a quail egg, I am very large, but the experience is the same one – awe. For me the process of looking and recording – transforming these objects into works of art on a wall – making them precious, honoring them – also transforms me. My work is simply a desire to point out how beautiful it all is if you just stand back, or lean in, and look.” —Kate Breakey

For this exhibition, Journey, Breakey draws from several bodies of work made over several decades of image-making. Breakey has always altered her photographic images. Over her 40-year career, her techniques include hand coloring – laying the surface with pencil, oil paint, or pastel, gilding images on glass (orotones) encaustic wax, and embroidering on silk, which she attributes to her early art school training in printmaking and painting.

[Image: Kate Breakey, African Daisy. Silver gelatin photograph, hand-colored with oil paint and pencil. Courtesy of the artist]