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Terence Price II
Live Virtual Local Views at PAMM
June 25, 2020 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Pérez Art Museum Miami
Join Pérez Art Museum Miami digitally for a tour program, Local Views at PAMM, where select local artists will speak about a few works of art currently on view at the museum and their own artistic practice. This week, Terence Price II will lead the tour on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.
Terence Price II (b. 1990, Miami, lives in Miami) is an artist who emerges from a tradition of mid-twentieth-century street photography, capturing the world around him in evocative portraits and cinematic snapshots. He blends this history of the medium with a distinctly contemporary understanding of representation, collaboration, image-making, and the way media circulates in our culture. Using his camera to document the people closest to him, strangers he encounters in his daily life, and the sites he inhabits within Miami, Price locates the rich territory in which the personal takes on shared and collective meaning. His photographs offer a depiction of the intimacies of place, family, and relationships for the public record.
Images: Terence Price II, Grandpa (February) 1; Grandma (October) 1; Grandpa (February) II, 2018. Black-and-white photographs. 30 x 30 inches each. Photo courtesy of Anastasia Samoylova.