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The Lotus Effect
A Participatory Installation for Times of Transformation
June 18, 2020–January 4, 2021
Hosted by the Rubin Museum of Art
Lotuses frequently appear in Himalayan art, and there are countless lotuses depicted in our collection! Browse works of art from the Museum collection that feature lotuses:
Lotuses tend to bloom in the summer, and sure enough, we’re seeing them pop up in our inboxes and on social media!
We love seeing the beautiful origami lotuses you’ve been folding and sharing for the upcoming installation The Lotus Effect. You’ve given each lotus a personal touch that makes it a potent symbol of transformation and compassion.
If you haven’t participated yet, there’s still time! Learn how to fold an origami lotus and decide how you’d like to share your lotus with us—from social media submissions with the #TheLotusEffect, email, or mail, to in-person submissions once the Rubin reopens: