New Addition
Permanent Collection of Fine Craft
Florida CraftArt
St. Petersburg, Florida

A rising star in the art world has debuted in Tampa Bay. Florida CraftArt has added her artwork to its Permanent Collection of Fine Craft. Nneka Jones’ triptych, “Layers of Identity,” is part of a series dealing with the removal of negative stereotypes associated with being a woman of color. Her skilled, hand embroidery creates an incredibly realistic portrait of a young black girl accompanied by a collage using fabric and a zipper.

Ms. Jones on the triptych: “This series emphasizes that there are several layers of history and behavior that have been collaged, embedded and projected on to these women from a very young age, creating an image that appears to be perfect but when layers are stripped away, the raw reality begins to emerge.”

Nneka Jones, Layers of Identity-1 (first panel of the triptych) courtesy the artist and Florida CraftArt