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Tactics of Erasure and Rewriting Histories
On view through January 8, 2023
Craft Contemporary
Los Angeles, California

This juried exhibition highlights diverse artworks that document acts of reclamation and removal as a process of making history. The five artists selected make use of archival and forensic materials, found objects, and casting to reveal how systems of oppression impact their sense of identity. Through the transformation of these materials, the artworks recreate memories and histories where material evidence and records were overlooked or suppressed from official narratives. These gaps give space for speculative interpretations that reconcile with past and present traumas while rewriting the future towards more tender, hopeful outcomes.

Exhibiting artists: Fafnir Adamites, Andre Keichian, Alberto Lule, Miller Robinson, Ryat Yezbick

[Image: Tactics of Erasure and Rewriting Histories, installation view, 2022. Courtesy of Craft Contemporary. Photo: Josh Schaedel]